Terrariums, Dish Gardens
and Sand Gardens

Create miniature worlds for your home and office with Desktop Gardens plant terrariums, dish gardens, and sand gardens.

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DesktopGarden™ products aesthetically combine elements of terrariums, dish gardens, and zen gardens with sand art and dioramas to create unique, miniature worlds that will bring color and life to any indoor environment.  All of our products are designed to be easily cared for with a minimum of maintenance, and make great gifts for the home and office.       

Some of our products incorporate SandScenic™ sand art, in which colored layers of sand are hand-poured into the peripheral rim of the cylinder vase, creating a variety of scenes from snow-capped mountains, to desolate deserts, and even alien worlds. What makes this so great, is that the sand-art is sealed at completion, preserving it and allowing it to be shipped without damage.  Only the peripheral rim of the vase is filled with sand art, minimizing the weight and allowing the center to be used for keeping plants.

Browse our site and learn about terrariums and terrarium plants.  You'll also find tips on how to build our dish gardens that are designed with sand art built into the sides.  Our sand gardens take the traditional zen rock garden and incorporate sand art and miniatures that make truly unique designs.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to make a custom order.  If you live in San Diego or can commute, you can call me to pick up your products personally, or to arrange for local delivery.

Thank you for you interest in our products, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Jason Stewart, Founder
Desktop Gardens
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